NBS LTD – eGift Cards

Spoil your friends or family with one of our eGift Cards so they can purchase something they really need. We know better than most that vaping is very personal, so trying to pick a flavour or piece of hardware can be a daunting task. You can purchase one of our eGift Cards with any amount and we will either send it to their email address or wait until the time and date set by you. It really is that simple!

Gift Card FAQ's

Can I use my eGift Card straight away?

Yes, as soon as your eGift card is purchased, it can be used immediately

Does my eGift Card expire, if so when?

eGift Cards are valid for 2 years after the purchase date.

What happens if I don't use the entire value?

If you make a purchase with your eGift Card and don’t use the entire balance, this credit will remain on the card. You can check the balance at any time.

Are there any restrictions when using an eGift Card?

The only restriction with an eGift Card is it cannot be transferred between customers and must be used by the persons email to whom it was issued. If an item is purchased using an eGift Card and then returned for a refund the credit will be re-applied to the card, not an alternative payment method.