KSTRD E-Liquid Review

KSTRD Hand Check with a fancy build by brad!

KSTRD  E-Liquid Review


A Review By Brad.


KSTRD E-Liquids is a selection of 5 creamy custard flavours with a twist! All in 80%VG they will give you a juicy, sweet and flavorful taste. Made by the guys behind Just Jam, you can be sure it will pack a juicy punch of flavour and be kind to your coils respectively.


Being a custard lover and falling weak at the knees for any pastry/bakery type e-liquid, this is a perfect line to try and I may have even found an all-new favourite of mine!

There is, in fact, a story behind how this liquid came to exist. There was a few mixologists playing with their custard concentrates and accidentally mixed the strawberry jam flavour with custard flavouring used in the Just Jam Custard Biscuit and created a masterpiece!

Vaping the whole bottle very quickly, they realised this is a mixture of flavours that the world needs to taste. And thus, KSTRD was born!


KSTRD  E-Liquid Review

For the geeky vapers – the setup used for review is a very fine combination of an Asmodus Lustro & Goon 25mm with a set of Ni-80 staged fused Clapton, 6 wraps around a 3mm ID with a resistance of 0.11 Ohms. With this running at exactly 95W and a wide open airflow, this hits the spot for me every single time.


The range consists of 5 different flavours. Apple Pie & Custard, Mixed Dark Fruits & Custard, Banana Custard, Vanilla Custard and Just Jam Custard and each is as interesting as the last!

All in-house tests for liquids are rated on the unbiased opinion of 4 main points.

Vapour Production Rating

Overall Taste Rating

Coil Friendliness

Sweetness rating


PRPLE (Dark Fruits & Custard)

KSTRD Dark Fruits And Custard features an assortment of mixed forest fruits with an undertone of sweet, creamy custard. Doesn’t sound like the most normal combination, but I can assure you it’s a freaky flavour that delights the palette!

On inhale, you are greeted with a selection of fruity, dark berries providing a sweet and slightly sharp taste followed by a creaminess which is simply divine.

On the exhale this is when the custard comes out. Starting off as a very fresh and thick custard slowly tapering off into t a smooth and creamy flavour with a slight tickle of fruits.

Overall this is a great tasting liquid, by far my least favourite of the line but still provides an interesting flavour that will keep you interested. It changes slightly each time you vape it and gives you a different forest fruit, wizardry in full swing!


Vapour Production Rating – 8

Overall Taste Rating – 8

Coil Friendliness  – Good

Sweetness rating – 8


VNNLA (Vanilla Custard)

The plain jane of the line, good ole’ vanilla custard!

If you’re a flavour chaser of the custard variety then this is an OG flavour you can be sure to enjoy. Rivalling even our old favourite Killer Kustard, its a shockingly accurate custard flavour that will satisfy any vaper!


On the inhale you get sticky and thick custard followed by the fresh vanilla bean essence, exhaling has the same flavour but provides a damp and lip-smacking buttery flavour that doesn’t leave for a while.


Vapour Production Rating – 8

Overall Taste Rating – 8

Coil Friendliness  – Medium

Sweetness rating – 7


APPL (Apple Pie & Custard)

Apple Pie & Custard has a very crusty pastry note mixed with freshly baked apples and thick custard mixed all in! The apple is not overpowering especially like other liquids where Apple is a prominent flavour leaving a bitterness or less than sweet sourness, its just right.

On the inhale you get a slightly sweet apple flavour tapering off into a thick pastry and custard flavour, almost savoury in taste. This sits on the roof of your mouth as you exhale.

The exhale brings out a thick and prominent custard flavour with a light hint of apple to finish.

Very tasty indeed!

Vapour Production Rating – 9

Overall Taste Rating – 9

Coil Friendliness  – Good

Sweetness rating – 8


BNNA (Banana Custard)

Banana Custard features a creamy and light whipped banana custard flavour which is reminiscent of the foamy banana sweets you used to get in the pick ‘n’ mix treats when you were young.

on the inhale you get a very foamy and sweet banana flavour which rounds off into an angel delight style creaminess, the custard is mixed deep within this flavour and is not separate like the previous flavours.

On the exhale you still get a light banana flavour with the custard getting sweeter and leaving a lightly whipped flavour on the roof of your mouth, it will have you licking your lips and tasting the custard for ages!


Vapour Production Rating – 8

Overall Taste Rating – 9

Coil Friendliness  – Great

Sweetness rating – 9


Just Jam & Custard (Strawberry Custard) 

By far my favourite of the line. The staple of any jam lovers line, Just Jam original, mixed into thick custard to bring a unique flavour with long-lasting flavour. I simply CANNOT get enough of this liquid!

On the inhale you get a sweet tarty jam strawberry flavour followed by a welcomed interruption of the amazing custard flavour that is present in the previous 4 flavours, but this time bumped up in the sweetness department from the jam flavouring!

Exhaling gives you the same jam heaven mixed with light custard but doesn’t leave your lips for a long long time. YUM!


Vapour Production Rating – 9

Overall Taste Rating – 11

Coil Friendliness  – Good

Sweetness rating – 10

Just Jam & Custard KSTRD gets my absolute recommendation! 


Overall, these liquids are full of flavour and pack a real punch. A Line which you shouldn’t ignore and even if you’re, not a huge custard lover, give KSTRD a try at least once!

– Bradley

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