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Squid Industries + Glas Basix Fizzy Lemonade Nicotine Salts

So, I’m going to start off by saying that a lot of this is based on my opinions after a 5-year vaping journey.

E-Liquids have changed a lot in recent years and it’s become a bit daunting, although the majority of new releases are much higher quality and have very realistic flavour profiles. Some are so good, they will leave you wondering if you’ve just eaten an Apple Pie with Custard or simply vaped it.

Previously, brands popped up with sub-par juices and they died off very quickly. Only the larger manufacturers with a lot of time and money to invest in production could create flavours good enough to hold their own in this crowded market. Companies like Beard Vape Co, Charlies, Cuttwood and Suicide Bunny were amongst the first US brands to dominate the UK with their amazing flavours and high-quality approach to manufacturing. This, in turn, set a bar for other companies to reach for in order to grab the spotlight.

A couple of years back, many UK based manufacturers managed to find the secret to what makes a realistic flavour that has you licking your lips and buying the same liquid over and over again. This was the rise of the sweetening agents now commonly used in vaping. Sweeteners can make e-liquids taste great but come at a cost, they can ruin your coils in a matter of days.

Over time, flavour mixologists have managed to refine recipes and create some wild flavours without the unnecessary amount of sweetener. They’ve gotten so good in fact, that some people around the world have started using the “tasty goo” as a substitute for food! I don’t recommend this at all, stick to your five a day and get plenty of exercise!

Long gone are the days of taking a gamble on liquids, expensive or cheap, the short-fill market seems to now be filled with a huge selection of liquids with on-point flavour. Most, or at least the ones we stock are high quality and strong in flavour, it’s now down to the personal preference of the end user who decides if it is for them or not.

With the rise of pod systems like the Juul, e-liquids had a little upgrade in the way of nicotine salts. You can read more about pod systems here.

Nicotine salts are a form of vape liquid with much higher amounts of nicotine. They are designed to give instant gratification to those who were or still are very heavy smokers. Nicotine Salts are very similar to 50/50 liquids, however, due to the nicotine being in a salt form your body is able to receive it within roughly 12 seconds rather than the 10-15 minutes from regular freebase nicotine. They have had a lot of research in recent months, which has seen big popular brands releasing a nicotine salt alternative of their sub-ohm brands such as Glas Basix & Glas Basix Salts.

With a more satisfying hit than regular free-based tobacco, you can have a puff or two and be done for a while. This leaves you with more time to be productive and go about your to day life without the large plumes of vapour trailing behind you. This is what makes nic salts a great alternative for anyone who wants to keep their usage more discrete.

Nic Salts have also had flavour treatment in the coming months and now you can find flavours which are intense and strong, even from a little old K3 Tank which was once only ever able to put out a throat hit and small amounts of vapour. If you have ever followed my vaping journey you will see how many vape juices have been tried and loved alongside flavours which have caused wretching and promptly binned. Over years of trying different vape juices of all flavours, sizes, colours and strengths, I have now settled with nicotine salt, 20mg strength flavours.

The reason for this is now there is good flavour from nearly all nic-salt brands with a sweetener content favourable to the smaller coils, and the discreet amount of vapour allows for usage in areas where I previously couldn’t, (A puff in the grandparent’s bathroom is undetected) and the quick absorption rate of the nicotine salts ensures I can get a satisfying buzz every time, which allows me to continue my day without constantly vaping low nicotine.

One of the best advantages to this style of vaping is battery life! My combination of a Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 and Nautilus 2S from Aspire manages to last me up to 6 days of battery life thanks to the removable 18650 batteries, and a coil life of roughly 2-3 weeks before needing a change (depending on flavour and brand).

A 10ml bottle on average will last me between 2-4 days depending on stress levels which costs me a huge amount less than vaping 3/6mg high VG short fills which a 60ml would last a day previously.

A huge decrease in monthly cost, less time vaping and a lot less mess, all without impacting flavour and satisfaction!

I’m now able to be more productive in my day to day life without carrying extra batteries, huge bottles of E-Liquids and spare coils whenever i go!

Nic-Salts are both high quality and very useful, learn more here and see if you could make the switch!


– Brad

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