Open VS Closed Pod Systems

When it comes to choosing the perfect starter kit, pod systems are always a popular decision!

Often being smaller and more discreet than their pen-style cousins, they also rarely contain glass or any seriously fragile parts. Meaning if you’re quite prone to dropping things, there is little chance that you’re going to break it.


Open pod systems are devices that you refill yourself with the e-liquid of your choosing from the compatible lines. These types of pod systems are usually slightly more involving as although they are classed as a pod system, some have external coils that you will need to change yourself. Usually slightly cheaper to run and usually sporting a much larger battery life than the closed system, open pod systems like the VooPoo Drag Nano or the Mi-Pod allow you to experience the freedom of flavours as you are not limited to pre-filled pods.

With adjustable airflow on certain devices & wattage adjustment with alternative resistance, coils are available to give you an even more in-depth experience, and this alone is a end-all factor when it comes to users who want a more custom experience.


These points that are viewed as a positive to some, can be an arduous and messy task to others. Refilling these pod systems and changing the coils yourself can be messy, confusing but always necessary. So this is where a closed pod system would come into play.


Closed pod systems like the Juul or the My Blu kits are small, discreet and hassle-free. Once the pod is empty, it can easily be replaced with a new one!

More people than ever are switching from cigarettes to these closed pod systems, due to the large following of these small devices. Although the closed pod system image can be viewed as having been hyped up, there is a genuine reason that these devices are popular as they are small, easy to manage and incredibly simple to use.

There are downsides to these closed pod systems that for some, can outweigh the benefits. As well as being slightly more expensive to run, you’re limited to the pre-chosen flavours and nicotine strengths of these pods. Reducing your nicotine consumption while using a closed system can be incredibly hard, so closed pod systems are usually best as a temporary replacement.

Pod systems work incredibly well as a starter kit, due to the fact that they are so simple to use. It’s just about finding the right one to suit your own personal needs.


So all in all, what is better?

This is a very personal question to answer, the best product is what will work for your needs!

Personally, as an ex roll-up smoker, I found that devices with slightly more involvement (coils, refilling, wattage adjustment) gave me a much more satisfying experience as there was the act of preparing your device before you can finally puff and relax, whereas tailor-made cig smokers would much prefer a pre-filled pod system which just cuts to the chase.


Why not pop to your local vape shop and ask them to show you current devices to help you decide what may work for you.

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