Rise Of The Pod System!

A selection of our favourite pod systems.

What are these contraptions, and why should you care if you’re a part of the vaping community?

It’s no secret that e-cigarettes have become the best way to quit smoking cigarettes for good and that the technology around e-cigarettes is still evolving. There has been a new category of device that has started to dominate vapers in the UK, Pod Systems.

“What are Pod Systems,” you say?

A “Pod system” or “Pod” Refers to a refillable tank or “Pod” sometimes with interchangeable coils for ease of use, some pod systems come pre-filled and are disposable which you plug in and puff. Its a starter kit in a very handy form factor that packs a huge punch.

To understand a little more about why pod systems benefit from a more satisfying experience, we need to know the specifics of the device most people are using at the moment, a normal e-cig starter setup with traditional freebase nicotine will give you gratification within 12-15 minutes of puffing, whereas a pod system specifically designed to work with nicotine salt e-liquids will give your nicotine boost almost as quick as normal cigarette (Sometimes even quicker vs Pall Mall cigarettes) so not only has the liquid been designed to work with your body for a quicker absorption rate, but you won’t need a cigarette to calm your nerves after puffing aggressively for 10 minutes straight. This Means you will find these types of e-cigarettes much more satisfying if regular liquids and devices do not satisfy enough.

There is a huge range of pod systems dominating the market at the moment, but make sure you get a good one and do your research first. (or come and see us!)

If you have heard the word Juul thrown around a lot recently and the reason for this is that Juul, an American start-up created a very nice looking, USB styled pod system which is possibly one of the easiest systems to use, simply buy a pack of spare pods, pop it in your battery and puff away! no more rolling, lighting or smelling anymore!


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