Top Five Common Vape Mistakes

Vaping is a great alternative to stinky cigarettes, but many people try the switch and have a bad experience (usually down to user error or incorrect equipment) which causes them to shortly return to cigarettes.


Today we’re going to explain the top 5 mistakes that newbie vapers will make, especially without the help of a local source of knowledge.

E-Liquid has different blends. Each blend works with a different style of the device! It sounds confusing but there are only a couple of things you’ll need to know to get your head around this.

Eliquid is made from vegetable glycerin (VG) and properly glycol (PG), flavourings & nicotine are also added. The VG is what offers vapour production, and the higher amount of VG you have means more vapour and smoother flavour. This usually is accompanied by a much lower strength of nicotine and typically used in a higher-powered device with a lowe resistance coil.

Here are some simple rules which may help you choose the correct products in future!


Choosing the correct liquid for your device:

Vegetable Glycerin plays a big part in the “Sub-Ohm” vaping experience. Offering a large amount of vapour with higher VG blends comes much lower nicotine usually to offset the amount of vapour being produced in order to not cause any unwanted side effects from nicotine overdose.


If your device is aimed at starters, a little smaller than other devices or has a “coil” or “atomizer” with a resistance higher than 0.8ohms then this device is typically aimed at liquids with 60% VG or lower. This is to ensure the coil can absorb the liquid quick enough for you to vape without causing a burnt taste.  – you can see our lower VG range right here

If your device is much larger or contains coils which are a lower resistance (0.8 ohms or lower) then typically this device is aimed towards the much thicker E-Liquid with far lower nicotine contents available for this.

Choosing the correct E-Liquid for your device is essential for a good experience and to ensure you do not fall back to cigarettes.


It tastes burnt – Even when new:

If you have a fresh device with new liquid, you fill it up and allow to sit for a while before vaping, you pick up the device and boom, that ash-tray taste has infiltrated your mouth and more than likely caused a horrified look along with it!

This is a very simple issue to fix and is purely down to the preparation of the device by the owner. Here are some great tips on how to ensure that your device will last as long as possible between coil changes.

  • Always start around 50% of the wattage recommended for the coil raising this slowly to ease the coil in.
  • Ensure the coil is saturated with liquid before inserting into the tank – usually,>10 drops directly onto the cotton around the coil will aid in this.
  • Puff the device without pressing the fire button for a good 4/5 times, this will allow you to start tasting the flavour faintly in your mouth. This allows suction to draw more liquid into the coil
  • Ease the coil in – It is suggested that for example, a coil rated for 15 Watts is ran around 10 watts with light puffing for a good 10 minutes, raising the wattage up in small increments will slowly bed the coil in and allow for much longer life.
  • You may have the incorrect liquid for your device, which can cause a similar burnt or extreme peppery taste at the back of your throat, in this case, please see the above section on which liquid to use with your device.
  • When puffing, do not press the button until you are breathing in through the mouthpiece, this will ensure the coil gets enough air when vapourising.

If you continue to have issues and the above does not help, it may be advisable to visit a specialised vape store near you for one-to-one help regarding your device, it is sure to be a simple fix in this case and these stores will offer great advice.


Vaping doesn’t work for me, I keep going back to cigarettes:

Vaping isn’t for everyone, but ensuring you give it a good and fair chance before returning to cigarettes is advisable.


Quite often a large sum of people makes the mistake of believing they are not addicted to the nicotine. There is a reason you are unable to give up cold turkey and are looking for a healthier/alternative way to ingest nicotine. This is because the nicotine is what your brain craves along with the physical aspect of smoking the cigarette as a habit.

When you remove the nicotine from your brain it can cause serious discomfort and even irritability in some people which can lead them to become very angered by something which would not usually cause anger.


“But I don’t need the nicotine, its the habit I’m addicted to”

As you are addicted to the cigarette itself and the nicotine contained inside, you are far better off starting vaping with an equivalent dosage of nicotine to successfully move to vaping.

You will find it is much easier to give up vaped nicotine vs combustible nicotine due to E-cigarettes stripping down all the other carcinogens which boost cigarettes addiction.


Typically, 3 months of vaping nicotine allows you to forget the want for cigarettes and shift your habit from lighting a stick of tobacco to pressing a button and tasting flavours which are far easier to give up!

Usually, you can bring your nicotine strength down in a timely manner that suits you, eventually reducing to zero nicotine and then being smoke-free!


Vaping is a journey and not an instant fix, you will have to go through learning curves to successfully purge yourself of addiction to cigarettes.



Simply not trying E-Cigarettes due to the health scares by the media:

E-Cigarettes have been reported multiple times by large media companies to be harmful. This is not true, and the fact the masses choose to believe the written-for-toddlers approach from certain tabloid newspapers causes some alarm.

It’s not common for the media to misguide the public for their own benefit and vaping has been a great recent example of this!


Seeing articles mentioning vape related illnesses or lung-related injury is purely speculation and you will notice all of these stories never come with factual evidence from a reliable source such as the NHS or the government.

In fact, if you look at the official evidence of vaping given by the NHS and the GOV website, this shows that the current official research is the opposite and that vaping is actually still proven to be at least a 95% healthier alternative to regular cigarette smoking.

If you have any queries about the safety of vaping, you can see all official research which has been approved by the NHS at this link and the government-approved studies with this link.


Not knowing your kit:

Similar to your smart-phone, this device will more than likely be with you wherever you go. It pays to do a little research on your device to understand the quirks & functions of it. This is why retail vape stores are a god-send for newbie vapers, even if you did not buy your device from them, they may still be happy to offer some insight on how to enjoy your experience more.


For instance, some devices could have in-depth functions which are not easy to navigate, and finding your device on alien settings when you need it the most can cause a lot of frustration. It will help to arm yourself with a fountain of knowledge to ensure you can give vaping a propper go and potentially be successful in giving up cigarettes.


At NBS we take the journey very seriously and encourage any vaper near our Godalming store to pop in with any questions they may have as we only want the best experiences for anyone willing to give vaping a go.


So there we have it!

The top 5 most common vape mistakes we see. I hope this offers some useful information for both newbies and veterans alike!

As always, don’t forget to comment on your experiences below.



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