Top Five Halloween Flavours

Top Five Halloween Flavours

Top Five Flavours For Halloween


It seems October has rolled around yet again. Autumn falls upon us, the heating is turned up and the kettle is on, October brings us a holiday which will surely be remembered by everyone.

With children running riot collecting candy, and early 20-somethings dress up as evil clowns, we here at NBS have a selection of our favourite E-Liquids which will compliment this upcoming Halloween.


Top Five Halloween FlavoursPumpkin Spice Latte by Barista Brew Co.

Barista Brew knows their beverages inside and out, and what better manufacturer to attempt the infamous “Pumpkin Spiced Latte”. This is not your average coffee shop styled drinks flavour.

With a warming cinnamon layer to start, sweet pumpkin latte follows shortly with a hint of spice to round the experience off.

Youll notice a great dollop of whipped cream gives soft & creamy notes throughout and the pumpkin provides a sweet yet savoury flavour.


This liquid goes hand in hand with the cold weather in October with its warming cinnamon flavour profile. But be careful, you’ll get a spook when you see how quickly the bottle is emptied!


Top Five Halloween FlavoursApple Cinnamon Doughnut Milk by Beard: The One Series

Beard Vape Co. entered into the game a handful of years ago. With extremely punchy flavour profiles and spot-on replication of some of the worlds finest dessert, pastry & fruit flavours.

Next came Beard: The One Series. A collection of doughnut inspired flavours with an extra layer of Beard Vape Co’s technical flavour profiling.

The One Series now presents Apple Cinnamon Doughnut Milk, a luxurious blend of apple & cinnamon stuffed doughnuts perfectly sprinkled with sugar and dipped in a fresh glass of milk.

Great for a warm & tasty treat on the go, perfect for this month’s terrible temperatures.




Top Five Halloween FlavoursSuicide Grape by Evil Drip

Evil Drip is a UK manufacturer of super tasty 50ml short fills with fruity flavours. With a selection of simple fruit styled flavours, you’ll find that something that will quickly satisfy your sweet tooth.

Suicide grape features a mixture of pure, pressed white & purple grape juice bottled up for you to enjoy.

With a refreshing undertone throughout, you’ll never get bored with this flavour.


If you’re an avid fruit lover, be sure to check out the rest of the line!


Top Five Halloween FlavoursCotton Candy by Circus

Circus creates flavours so unique you’ll be frightened. A wonderful array of carnival sweet styled flavours that impress every time with spot-on flavour profiling by the guys at Puff Labs.

Cotton Candy is a super sweet mixture of blueberry & raspberry sugars stick-spun fresh for you to enjoy! The sweet sugary aftertaste of the candy will leave a sticky sensation on your lips.

Although this Halloween you may not be venturing out to the nearest carnival, you can be sure that vaping this tasty flavour will put you right there! But beware, there’s no security here!




Top Five Halloween FlavoursChocolate Milk by Got Milk

While Got Milk? is a UK manufacturer of milk-based flavours, they have certainly set the bar for UK milk flavour profiles. Gone are the days of slightly chocolatey flavours with a hint of vanilla in place of the milk, or a super good looking bottle with sub-par flavour.

Got Milk have nailed it this time.

This liquid, when vaped warm will provide a velvety-smooth milk flavour with hints of thick chocolate coming through. The longer you vape, the more flavour is left on your lips which you can be sure you’ll be licking non-stop after vaping this liquid.

Of course, this is just chocolate milk, but have you ever tried a chocolate milk flavour so scarily good?



And there we have it, an unlikely selection of E-Liquids to assist you in the Halloween celebrations!

These liquids will be sure to leave a smile on your face and a strong taste on your lips. I hope this list provides a good selection of flavours for you to try.

Have a great Halloween!

– Brad

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