Vape Jam UK 2019

A photograph of Vape Jam UK 2019

Vape Jam UK is a shining example of how far vaping has come in recent years.

Events like these are vital for bridging the divide between business and strengthening relationships that otherwise might not have been formed. It gives everyone a chance to talk to other like-minded people while exploring the many avenues that vaping is currently travelling down. With so many names in vaping culture and more being added every year, putting faces to the names of these companies not only helps to humanise them, but also helps to improve the bond overall.

This being my first ever trip to Vape Jam Uk (actually any vape expo), I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Maybe some guys enthusiastically blowing clouds in the corner, while a few exhibitors rhythmically bop their heads to the low bass tones of some far off music. What I actually experienced was row upon row of dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable exhibitors that took the time to show their products and share any upcoming news. I know that selling to us was the aim of the game, but I honestly wasn’t ready for the level of openness that we were met with. I had left my social anxiety at home for the day and set about completely immersing myself in the literal haze of the afternoon.

With our useful little map in hand, we set off to visit some familiar brands. A few hours later and after getting distracted a number of times by the sheer excitement around us, we managed to find some fantastic new brands, wonderful flavour profiles and secure some promising samples. We managed to catch the end of a panel show that gave some wonderful insight into the minds of some important people within the vaping culture.

All in all, Vape Jam UK was a perfect introduction into the vaping expo culture. I had learnt that this was not their busiest year, but I was rather grateful for that. Nothing was rushed and conversations with exhibitors were more personal, as you had ample time to talk about flavour profiles and prices. Also not being shoved around by crowds is always a plus.

On a side note, bring some kind of pain relief and lots of water. A few hundred people vaping in a giant room does start to hurt your head after a while.

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